Equipment for emergency workovers, repair and renewal

  • Casing Ø (mm) 156.0-164.0
  • Outer diameter, mm 146
  • Length, max, mm 630
  • Weight, kg 19
  • Weight, kg 6,2
  • Max temperature, C 150
  • Length, mm 375
  • Outer diameter, mm 120
  • Max temperature, C 120
  • Max allowable pressure at hold time of 6 hours, °С 165
  • Electrical impedance, ohm 1.5-4.0
  • Safe current, A 1.0±0.02
  • Safe current, A 0.05±0.005
  • Max allowable pressure at hold time of 6 hours, °С 150

Repair and renewal actions are carried out in the wells of oil, gas and condensate fields in order to eliminate emergency situations, increase oil recovery and restore the operational properties of the productive formation. Special devices are used to improve the efficiency of operations on repair and renewal of wells.

Types and purpose of repair equipment

JSC "BVT" supplies equipment and devices that are most effective for squeeze cementing.

Range of the equipment supplied:

  • Explosive packers. Used to install drillable bridges in fixed well intervals.

  • Slips explosive packers. The application is similar to the previous device.

  • Hydraulic packers (hydropackers). Used to isolate the cased hole and pipes in the wells of exploration, production and injection type filled with liquid.

  • Jet torpedoes. The devices are designed to make the directed explosions to destroy foreign obstacles of artificial and natural origin that impede the drilling process.

  • Jet pipe cutters. Used to cut the casing, drilling and tubing pipes. The equipment is more compact than traditional high-explosive torpedoes, which minimizes pipe deformation. Two models of jet pipe cutters have been developed: TRK and TK-S, the models differ in their application purposes.

The devices have ergonomically staged design and simple operating principle, which increases the efficiency of their application and reduces the risk of accidents.