Shaped charges

Summary technical specifications

JSC “BVT” develops innovative and high-tech products for the oil and gas industry. These products meet all the existing efficiency and safety standards. The production of shaped charges for the oil and gas industry is one of the leading areas of the company's business.

Purpose, scope and advantages of the products

Shaped charge perforation is one of the most popular and effective methods of secondary drilling, it reduces the time and cost for developing and testing the wells. Charges are an integral element of blasting and perforating operations. The products of our company are distinguished by low blast capacity, this increases the efficiency of explosives and guarantees deep penetration of shaped charges into productive formations.

The use of such products in the mining industry increases productivity, reduces time and costs for the development and operation of wells.

The advantages of shaped charges manufactured by JSC “BVT”:

  • The use of the explosive mixture, developed by our research center, guarantees stable operation of perforation systems and allows to preestimate the force of explosions. Homogeneous and free-flowing substance is evenly distributed throughout the body of the product.
  • Special charges with an increased inlet diameter are used for hydraulic fracturing of geological formations in order to increase the volume of oil produced. These products are highly competitive with foreign analogues in terms of operational and technical performance, but they are more affordably priced.
  • A wide range of charge types, different in penetration depth, inlet diameter and other parameters.

During the production of charges, the mechanical and deformation (rheological) characteristics of the explosive mixture are determined consistently: its bulk density, structure, and compressibility. The engineers of JSC “BVT” have developed their own methodology for calculating the bulk density based on a number of indirect characteristics of the mixture. This allows to use the substances with optimal operational parameters for each type of charge.

The patented and certified production line has been modified in such a way that it allows the production of charges with different thermal stability.