Detonation initiation and transfer equipment, control instruments

  • Height of the device, mm 87
  • Electrical impedance, ohm 0.7-0.9
  • Safe current of electric detonator impulse within 5 min, A 0.25
  • Humidity resistance at relative humidity (97.5±0.25)% and temperature (+25±10)°C, h 24
  • Explosive weight 1.0(±0.1)
  • Outer diameter, mm 29.0
  • Length, max, mm 56.2(±0.2)
  • Explosive weight 19
  • Technical Specifications TU TU 7287-001-09344304 –2014
  • Explosive type RDX
  • Outer diameter, mm 5.3+/- 0.2 mm
  • Maximum allowable operating temperature for 3 hours, °С 165
  • Max allowable pressure for 3 hours, MPa 60
  • Explosive weight 0.75
  • Outer diameter, mm 7.2±0.2
  • Length, max, mm 35±0.1
  • Weight of one DTD, g 1.8

JSC “BVT” develops, produces and sells all types of equipment and accessories used in blast and perforation operations.

One of the mandatory elements of the perforation system is the initiation device - the device that triggers shaped charges. The efficiency, safety and productivity of the work performed depends directly on the quality and reliability of the detonating impulse transmission. The guaranteed operation of the detonator is the figure of merit of the initiating devices and transmitters.

BVT engineering department is constantly improving the existing assemblies and devices. One of the most promising developments of the company is a percussion detonator without the primary explosive.

Types and peculiarities of initiating devices

The devices are designed for running into oil and gas wells of any type. BVT products are distinguished for robust functionality, regardless of the application conditions.

JSC “BVT” supplies the following devices for detonation initiation and transmission:

  • electric detonators – protective devices designed to initiate the detonation of the cord in leak-proof equipment for BPO;

  • percussive detonators – initiate detonation in leak-proof perforation systems lowered into wells on tubing;

  • detonating cords – heat- and water-resistant devices for blasting and other technological procedures in oil and gas wells;

  • detonation transmission devices – transmit detonating impulses, used together with cords.

In addition, BVT sells the devices for generating an explosive impulse and controlling the electric detonators and explosive cartridges. Such equipment increases substantially the efficiency and safety of BPO.