Geophysical Services

JSC “BVT” provides wireline well services. These services are provided by two branches of the enterprise, located in the cities of Nefteyugansk and Krasnoyarsk.

Branches and specialists

The Nefteyugansk Branch has 350 employees, including 35 geological exploration crews. The main customer in this region is LLC “RN-Yuganskneftegaz”. The exploration works are carried out at more than ten hydrocarbon deposits (Ugutskoye, Priobskoye, Mamontovskoye and many others). The branch includes the Buzuluk expedition, which has been operating since 2016. 80 employees form 10 production crews engaged in perforating explosive operations, which are carried out mainly at the fields of the Samara region and the Orenburg region.

Ten production crews of the Krasnoyarsk branch of JSC “BVT” are engaged in geophysical survey works and provide well logging services for the companies “Vankorneft”, “Vostsibneftegaz” (East Siberian Oil Company) and the Irkutsk Oil Company. The works are carried out mainly at the Vankorskoye and Yurubcheno-Tokhoskoye fields.

Geophysical survey works are performed in all climatic and natural zones, regardless of current conditions. Employees of JSC “BVT” use high-precision, efficient equipment, apply the advanced digital technologies. Research data is transmitted promptly via satellite and electronic communication means and then processed and interpreted by the scientific department using modern software.

Types of works

Geophysical service enterprises perform the following works:

  • study of wells of both inclined and horizontal types;

  • well path determination;

  • checking the quality of adhesion of the cement slurry to the production casing and formations using acoustic cement logging;

  • estimating the annular space filling and casing parameters using the method of gamma or scanning cement logging;

  • checking the technical condition of the production casing;

  • investigation of pressure maintenance injection wells as part of the monitoring of the development of oil and gas condensate fields;

  • well development using the method of swabbing - successive pressure reduction to increase the flow of oil from the reservoir;

  • reservoir saturation assessment;

  • other borehole geophysics services;

  • services on tubing wells perforation;

  • shaped charge perforation;

  • elimination of emergency situations in wells;

  • increasing the intensity of oil production using powder-type pressure generators.


Geophysical survey and borehole observations solve a whole range of production tasks. All of them are aimed at the efficient and safe development of hydrocarbon deposits and are classified into several directions.

The following tasks are addressed in open holes:

  • efficient and correct well logging;

  • identification of the type of borehole saturation with simultaneous identification of reservoirs;

  • identification of the spatial status of the well.

After the run-in-hole operation, the specialists:

  • study the technical parameters of the well;

  • monitor the cementing process;

  • specify the location and check the condition of the downhole equipment.

When monitoring the field development, the employees of JSC “BVT”:

  • monitor the development of current productive layers;

  • find out if there is any contact of productive formations with groundwater;

  • determine the flow rate of production wells, as well as the injection capacity of wells;

  • identify behind-the-casing flow, if any;

  • evaluate the condition of production strings.

The following work are performed to develop hydrocarbon production sites:

  • shaped charge perforating;

  • swabbing is performed both for fluid inflow and for bottom hole cleaning;

  • determination of fluid level and fluid content;

  • secondary drilling in;

  • intensification of injectivity and reservoir recovery indicators.

The most important part of geophysics is the interpretation of the obtained data. Information is transferred for processing via digital and satellite communication channels. BVT employees are able to interpret the research data correctly and promptly. The “Prime” software is used for processing and obtaining the results promptly.

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