About us

The history of BVT dates back to the year 2000, when a group of oil and gas professionals decided to start up a company. 18 years in highly successful and resultative business, the company now is a large player in the market, a vertically integrated company with a capability of performing the full cycle of works in the following directions:

  • Scientific research and in-house patented designs in the sphere of perforation;
  • Manufacturing of a wide range of perforating and blasting equipment: jet charges, perforation systems, initiating systems, tooling and special equipment;
  • Wide range of geophysical services compliant with state-of-the-art technologies and methods of geophysical surveys using cutting edge equipment;
  • Provision of a complex of coiled tubing operations on oil and gas wells of any complexity using company’s own strong CT fleet;
  • Technical maintenance during perforation and blasting operations and wireline well services to maximize efficiency and quality of operations;
  • Technical maintenance during drilling operations.

Our advantages:

Quality of products and services: JSC “BVT” guarantees high quality, reliability and outstanding technical characteristics of products ensured by a multi-stage quality control during production and regular tests of products from the entire range. The quality of our services relies on the highest professionalism of our wireline service specialists, specialists from the blast and perforation operation team and CT team;

High technology: “BVT” is engaged in continuous research and development, implements improved manufacturing technologies and designs unique patented products to meet present-day requirements of the market, and performs all types of coiled tubing operations using modern high-tech equipment. Our fleet is constantly growing and employing newest technologies and methods of well operations;

Responsibility to customers: We undertake full responsibility for all projects implemented by us and handle the tasks taking into account the specific needs of our customers. Strict compliance with contractual obligations, individual approach to every customer, complete informational transparency, flexible pricing and successful results of cooperation ensured long-term cooperation of BVT with some of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry.