Coiled tubing perforation systems

  • External diameter 76(89)
  • Length, max, mm 480.0
  • Head weight, max, kg 10
  • Max temperature, C 150-200*
  • Ball diameter, mm 45
  • External diameter 89
  • Length, max, mm 353
  • Head weight, max, kg 7.6
  • Length, mm 538
  • Ball diameter, mm 56
  • AFH outer diameter, mm 93
  • Firing head weight, kg 14.6
  • Ball diameter, mm 35
  • Weight, kg for PKO73 13.4
  • Maximum hydrostatic operating pressure, MPa 80
  • External diameter 89
  • Length, max, mm 393
  • Pin shear pressure g/cm2 30
  • Resource of tripping operations 1
  • Weight, kg 9.21
  • Ball diameter, mm 56

Professional equipment for blast and perforation operations (BPO) on tubing in oil and gas wells accelerates the process of development of oil and gas condensate fields and increases the efficiency of operations performed.

Types of accessories and their purpose

JSC “BVT” develops and produces the accessories for various types of perforation systems. The products of our company are distinguished by increased reliability, safety and perfect quality. The equipment and components produced by BVT are used by leading mining companies in Russia and abroad.

Our product portfolio includes the following tubing perforation equipment:

  • Mechanical firing heads (MFH) – devices for triggering perforators of particular models;

  • Universal firing heads (UFH) – devices for triggering all the perforation systems lowered into the wells filled with liquid or gas;

  • Differential subs – devices for creating dynamic dispersion during perforation;

  • Sludge traps – prevent clogging of wells and ensure reliable triggering of fuses;

  • Automatic release firing heads (AFH) – trigger shaped charges and automatically release perforation systems in vertical wells filled with liquid;

  • Hydraulic firing heads (HFH) – initiate all models of shaped charge perforators manufactured by BVT, operate under high pressure;

  • Hydraulic-mechanical release devices (HRD) – initiate shaped charge perforators and release the perforation assembly after firing.

The contractors need to take into account the geological and technical conditions and peculiarities of wells and other factors to choose the equipment correctly. All the products that we supply have been repeatedly checked for quality, and tested in field and industrial conditions. The accessories are characterized by maximum reliability, thoughtful design and easy installation. The devices are developed by company's engineers, so they are fully compatible with all modifications of BVT perforation systems.