Research and Development Center

“BVT” is a scientific company that performs vigorous scientific research and development activities. This is the work of specialists of the BVT R&D Center. 

The major task of the Center is development and implementation of products fully adapted to the current needs of perforating and blasting operations for the oil and gas industry.  

Major Functions of R&D Center:

  • Scientific research for the design of perforation and blasting equipment is based on modern methods of analysis involving modern CAD systems to model high-speed processes (ANSYS and others). Our in-house testing facility with a laboratory equipped with the cutting-edge control and measurement instruments enables research and testing with high precision to find lines of future work;  

  • Engineering of new components of perforation and blasting equipment with technical parameters at least comparable with (and sometimes superior than) foreign counterparts. The specialists of BVT R&D Center are skillful professionals using advanced software in their work (Solidworks Professional) to perform hybrid parametric modeling and design of products with respect to specific features of manufacturing process. All employees of the R&D team constantly improve their qualification, attend training courses in the newest modules of Solidworks to ensure their competent and efficient performance in all projects underway;  

  • Technical support and adaptation of our prototypes for specific modes of manufacturing as well as supervision are provided by the specialists of the Technological team of the R&D Center. They design the product manufacturing technology and perform technological supervision to guarantee compliance with all parameters designed in the product as well as compliance with all technical specifications specified in the design and technical documentation. 

The systemic scientific research and design work has resulted by now in 30 effective patents. Not only perforating systems and jet charges are the products of the Center: it also develops exclusive innovative products for the oil and gas complex. These assist implementation of unique operations during perforation and blasting, e.g. staged and selective perforation.