Explosive packer (EP)

Characteristics EP-146 EP-135 EP-118 EP-110 EP-102 EP-92 EP-88
Casing Ø (mm) 156.0-164.0 144.0-152.0 125.2-133.0 117.7-124.0 109.0-115.0 100.3-102.3 96.3-98.3
Outer diameter, mm 146 135 118 110 102 92 88
Length, max, mm 630 605 605 570 535 490.0 475.0
Weight, kg 19 15.7 11.6 9.6 7.9 6.3 5.2
Max hydrostatic pressure difference in the parts of the well separated by a packer, MPa 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

The packers are used to install drillable separation bridges in fixed well intervals. The tools are used when it is necessary to separate the productive formations in exploration wells, form an artificial bottomhole, isolate the formations from water or cut off a certain perforation interval when measuring the technical parameters of the string.

Equipment features and advantages:

  • it is possible to lower packers into wells on a cable and on tubing;
  • the small outer diameter of the packers improves the permeability in the well;
  • the packers are installed in the well, regardless of the depth where the works are performed;
  • unification with other models of explosive devices;
  • the possibility of liquidation by drilling out;
  • operational temperature up to 150°C;
  • peculiar design features that increase the safety of repair and renewal operations.

Packer sizes vary in outer diameter (from 82 to 203 mm), in minimum diameter of the inner casing where the devices can used, in maximum hydrostatic pressure, in weight and length.