Coiled tubing services

JSC “BVT” renders a full range of high-tech and economically efficient coil tubing works. The use of coiled tubing systems increases the efficiency of geophysical surveys, perforation, hydraulic fracturing of productive formations, well development and other work performed in oil, gas and condensate fields.

Coiled tubing and works performed on site

The works using coiled tubing belong to the most promising and rapidly developing areas of the oil and gas industry. The method is based on the application of coiled pipes instead of traditional prefabricated pipes when working in wells. Due to their elasticity, such pipes provide access both to the main vertical wells, and to lateral and horizontal wells. This eliminates the necessity to disassemble and assemble the drill string.

Coiled tubing technology is considered more environmentally friendly and economically feasible and is widely used in geophysical surveys, production and repair operations at oil, gas and condensate wells.

The specialists of “BVT-Vostok” perform the following works using flexible pipes:

  • eliminate hydrate blocks;

  • clean well holes from clogging and sediments;

  • develop wells by nitrogen method using flexible pipes;

  • perform bottom-hole treatment to enhance the inflow of wells;

  • wash wells after hydraulic fracturing;

  • perform geophysical surveys and perforating-explosive works;

  • perform fishing works on flexible pipes;

  • lower self-contained research instruments into the wells;

  • perform milling operations;

  • install cement bridges, packers, valves and other equipment.

The company is constantly increasing its coiled tubing capacity, expands the range of works and provides full engineering support.

Technical equipment of JSC “BVT-Vostok”

The company has everything necessary for coiled tubing works.

The kit includes:

  • assembly with an additional coil;

  • coiled tubing, including wireline;

  • pumping equipment with the heating option;

  • nitrogen unit;

  • full-fledged tank farm;

  • specialized vehicles and other transport;

  • mobile communication office.

In addition to the specialized coiled tubing equipment, the equipment of specialized crews includes tools and devices for the works of any level of complexity. This includes flushing nozzles, bottomhole cleaning tools, tools for removing junk from wells, pressure and temperature sensors, mobile motors and much more.

The analysis of the operations performed, the design of works and the necessary calculations are carried out by highly qualified specialists using licensed software Orion and Cerberus. These advanced software products guarantee accurate and fast calculations based on the design and type of pipes, the movement of coiled tubing to the bottom hole and other parameters.

The transportation of geophysical equipment with the guaranteed stable transmission signal to the control station is realized using flexible pipes manufactured by Tenaris and GlobalTubing, which ensures long service life of materials and trouble-free run to the required depth.

JSC “BVT-Vostok” uses non-standard technological solutions, in particular, the Y-TOOL systems. They effectively solve the problem of hermetic landing of the logging plug and its quick removal if necessary.

New production areas are being mastered, including the use of specialized tools - controlled couplings for repeated opening, disposable and multi-use rupture ports.

The company strives for continuous expansion of the range of services and progressive expansion of coiled tubing capacities.