Jet pipe cutter TK-C



The device is designed for cutting tubing, casing and drilling (external upset) pipes in wells. The device is conveyed on a logging cable. The pipe cutter is initiated by a PGN-150 explosive cartridge.

Characteristics TK-C44 TK-C54 TK-C67 TK-C108 TK-C108 TK-C115
Max allowable pressure at hold time of 6 hours, °С 150 150 50 150 150

The equipment is designed for cutting pipes in wells. Tubing, casing, and drill pipes are cut. Due to the high pressure of the blast wave, the TK-C pipe cutter provides an even cut of the pipe without its deformation. The equipment is initiated by an explosive cartridge. The equipment is conveyed into the wells on a logging cable.

Specifications and advantages:

  • effective cutting of any types of pipes used in wells;
  • acceleration of production, cost and time savings at oil, gas and condensate fields;
  • reliable engineering design;
  • high level of security;
  • trouble-free operating principle;
  • a wide range of standard sizes depending on the type and diameter of pipes;
  • the outer diameter of the pipe cutters varies from 44 to 115 mm;
  • nominal diameter of pipes for work: from 60 to 146 mm;
  • maximum allowable pressure in pipes: 80 MPa;
  • temperature limits (at hold time of 6 hours): 150 ° C.

The charge weight depends on the size of the pipe cutter and varies from 11 to 102 g.