Quality Management and Quality Control Systems

JSC “BVT” is a leader in design, development and manufacturing of equipment used in the perforation and blasting equipment to perforate the casing in the production formations in the operation of oil and gas wells.

The highest priority of our company is manufacturing high quality products compliant with all normative requirements and requirements of customers. This is achieved by effective implementation of the Quality management system compliant with requirements of international standards, ISO 9001 (GOST ISO 9001).

BVT strives at keeping the position of a leader in the sphere of provision of geophysical services for the production sector of oil and gas industry and to guaranteeing highest quality of services to its customers.

Quality Control

Our production is based on a thoroughly implemented multi-stage quality control system that guarantees delivery of quality products to our customers. 

Quality control is performed by the employees of QC Department on all stages of production using state-of-the-art precision measurement tools:

  • All raw materials and components used in the production process undergo 100% incoming inspection to check compliance with required technical and performance parameters;

  • On every stage of production process, products are randomly sampled to check that they meet technical characteristics;

  • A special control apparatus designed in-house is used to control 100% of charge shells;

  • QC performs final technical acceptance. The specialists of QC department take part in all tests of finished products;

  • Employees of QC Department register all non-compliant products and segregate them by types and root causes, and develop activities to eliminate and prevent non-compliances together with other departments and production functions.  

Highly efficient work of QC department at “BVT” prevents any possibility of our customers’ receiving a non-compliant product.