Technical support of TAC

Blast and perforation operations (BPO) in wells are included in the list of mandatory activities in the development of hydrocarbon deposits and geophysical surveys. The procedures are performed at the stages of exploration, penetration (including secondary penetration) and exploitation of productive formations. Cumulative perforators and explosive mixtures of various compositions are used during BPO.

Various methods of explosive impact are used: separation of productive formations, controlled shooting, explosions to eliminate clogging in case of an accident. The perforating systems with shaped charges are used most frequently, they are lowered into wells on tubing or geophysical cable and actuated remotely using a detonating cord.

The exploration and production activities require professional support to ensure their safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Explosive operations shall be carried out in strict accordance with the rules, in compliance with all the accepted norms and standards. BVT specialists provide customers with the possibility of comprehensive technical support for blast and perforation operations.

Tasks and peculiarities of technical support

In the process of cumulative perforation, all stages are important, including preparation for blasting. The success of the procedure depends on a well-conducted preparatory stage. BPO specialists take into account all the peculiarities and circumstances of a particular situation (including pressure, temperature and environment in the wells), develop the most optimal blasting plan, choose the appropriate equipment and materials.

Perforators for BPO differ in the method of operation, outer diameter, penetration depth, operating temperature range and other parameters. It is important to consider all selection criteria when developing a blasting plan.

Professional technical support:

  • increases the efficiency of geophysical research;

  • increases the productivity of work at oil, gas and condensate fields;

  • saves resources and time of mining enterprises;

  • improves the safety and quality of PBO;

  • identifies the cases of non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents;

  • increases the intensity of hydrocarbon production;

  • reveals deviation from regulatory requirements during assembly, operation and running of blasting and perforating equipment into the wells;

  • detects the use of improper materials.

In addition, the services include improving the organization, enhancing the safety of processes, developing and implementing the measures to introduce new technologies and BPO tools into practice. The application of equipment and devices for BPO developed by the scientific department of JSC “BVT” increases the efficiency and safety of operations.

One the main goals of technical support is to identify the needs for modernized BPO technologies for secondary penetration, to define these technologies and their practical application.