Drilling support

Technological, telemetric and engineering support of drilling is a new, evolving area of ​​services provided by JSC “BVT”. This objective requires the company’s specialists to use both the inventions of our own scientific department and the latest world achievements in this area.

Laying of inclined and side boreholes requires particular attention in terms of professional control. Modern telemetry methods and digital technologies ensure the maximum level of efficiency and safety of such works.

Goals and objectives of technological support of controlled directional drilling

The construction and operation of oil, gas and condensate wells of inclined, horizontal and multi-hole types are often associated with complex and non-standard geological and technological conditions. Multiple parameters and circumstances shall be taken into account in order for drilling to be safe, efficient and worth the costs invested in machinery, equipment and human labor.

Only the competent approach to the process can ensure full-fledged control. Accurate adjustments, data analysis and other procedures shall be performed in real time during the drilling process. Timely adjustments reduce the impact of adverse factors and make the well construction process more predictable and efficient. Qualified technological support optimizes financial and time expenditures, reduces the risk of force majeure and emergency situations. If difficulties arise during the drilling process, the engineers and process managers of JSC “BVT” respond to the situation immediately and offer the best solution to the problem.

BVT provides a full range of services associated with the process of construction of horizontal and inclined wells.

We have thorough understanding of the following areas:

  • Well trajectory control and management with LWD and MWD systems. These systems are used to measure the technological and spatial parameters of the well. The communication via a hydraulic channel allows the specialists to obtain real-time information about the condition of the borehole. The systems ensure the control of well curvature and participate in the operational management of drilling.

  • Engineering and technological support. This includes all the necessary procedures related to the construction control of horizontal and inclined wells.

  • IT control: collection and processing of information received from telemetry systems. The information allows to monitor the trajectory of the borehole and take timely measures in case of a deviation.

To perform the works, the specialists require the appropriate technical equipment. In addition to the LWD electromagnetic logging tools and the MWD inclinometric module, auxiliary equipment, telemetry sensors and other devices are used.

The expertise of our employees ensures the quality of the actions performed. The well-designed scheme of interaction between the departments and a wide range of tasks to be solved increase the efficiency of work processes and reduce the time for their implementation. The system of international standards ISO 9001 is applied to ensure the proper quality. Our employees regularly attend the advanced training courses and undergo certification for compliance with the professional level.