Differential sub

Characteristics DS-1
External diameter 89
Length, max, mm 353
Head weight, max, kg 7.6
Maximum permissible hydrostatic pressure, MPa 68.5*

The differential subs DS-1 were designed by engineers of the research and development center of JSC “BVT”. The purpose of the devices is to create dynamic dispersion when operating perforating systems conveyed on tubing into the wells filled with oil or other liquid.

Advantages of differential subs:

  • can be used in inclined and vertical wells;
  • create depression in hydraulic systems and collector layers of wells;
  • the well can be washed through circulating holes; formation fluid enters the tubing after perforation;
  • the ceramic membrane has enhanced resistance to pressure - unlike glass discs, ceramics breaks into smaller pieces;
  • maximum allowable hydrostatic pressure is 68.5 MPa;
  • quick assembly and disassembly of the devices.

The subs ensure the efficiency and safety of BPO at the development sites of oil, gas and condensate fields.