Universal firing head (UFH)



Triggering the tubing type jet perforators in the wells filled with water, oil or other drilling fluid.

The firing head is compatible with the perforating systems PKO 63-AT, PKO 73-AT, PKO 89-AT, PKO 102-AT, PKO 114-AT in a firing circuit beginning with a percussion initiator PI BVT or another device similar to the PI in its susceptibility to detonation. The firing head is activated mechanically (hydraulicly).

Characteristics UFH
External diameter 76(89)
Length, max, mm 480.0
Head weight, max, kg 10
Maximum permissible hydrostatic pressure, MPa 80
Minimum external hydrostatic pressure ensuring reliable head triggering if DYNAWELL HNS detonator is used, MPa 5
External hydrostatic pressure that does not cause head triggering, MPa 1.5
Max temperature, C 150-200*
Ball diameter, mm 45

Technical Specifications

* Outer diameter for PKO89-AT, PKO102-AT, PKO114-AT is 89 mm

Outer diameter for PKO63-AT, PKO73-AT is 76 mm

** for the UFH versions designed for the pressure up to 103.5 MPa and temperature up to 204°С marked as HP

Advantages and features:

  • increased handling safety provided by the design of the firing head;
  • reliability provided by the design of the head and the percussion initiator PI BVT;
  • workability after a long exposure to high pressure and temperature;
  • efficient operation in the wells of any curvature: vertical, horizontal and directional;
  • possibility of creating depression in the hydraulic system of the well and the reservoir, if necessary;
  • accidental actuation is excluded when the charged head is at the wellhead at a pressure not exceeding 1.5 MPa;
  • compatibility with any equipment used in perforating systems (adapters, sludge traps, etc.);
  • a reliable fuse excludes the possibility of accidental initiation of the layout by geophysical equipment;
  • possibility of flushing the well through the circulation holes, possibility of formation fluid entering the tubing after perforation.