Electric detonators

Characteristics A-150T PVPD-N EDPN-M
Height of the device, mm 87 82 87
Electrical impedance, ohm 0.7-0.9 0.5-1.0 0.5-1.0
Safe current of electric detonator impulse within 5 min, A 0.25 0.18±0.01 0.18±0.01
Humidity resistance at relative humidity (97.5±0.25)% and temperature (+25±10)°C, h 24 24 24
Thermal stability for 2 hours, °C 150 145±5 150±5

JSC “BVT” supplies electric detonators EDPN-M and PVPD-N, designed to initiate the detonating cords in shaped charge perforation systems. The devices are used in blast and perforation operations in oil and gas wells to develop reservoirs or perform geophysical surveys.

Operational characteristics of electric detonators:

  • humidity resistance at temperatures up to + 25°C: 24 hours;
  • heat resistance: up to +150°C (for 2 hours).

The devices are highly reliable and safe, resistant to dynamic loads, shaking and falling, protected from corrosion and other external impact. BVT detonators increase the efficiency of BPO and guarantee their fail-safety.

The devices comply with GOST standards and the technological standards established in the oil and gas industry.