Characteristics ZPK 89-AT-M-01 Т ZPK 89-AT-M-04 T ZPK 89-AT-M-07 T ZPK 89-AT-M-10 T ZPK 89-AT-M-03 ZPK 89-AT-M-04 ZPK 89-AT-M-07 ZPK 89-AT-M-09 ZPK 89-AT-M-10 ZPK 89-AT-M-11

The Research and Production Company “BVT” has been supplying shaped charges ZPK 89-AT-M and other products for blast and perforation operations since 2000. Out products are used in the development of wells at oil, gas and condensate fields. The perforation channels increase the efficiency of resource extraction and speed up the work.

The ZPK 89-AT charges are filled with an explosive mixture developed by our research department. The substance is free-flowing and homogeneous, so it is evenly distributed over the entire shell body, which guarantees stable operation of perforating systems.

Low blast capacity of the charges increases the productivity of blast and perforation operations and reduces the time spent. Due to the increased diameter of the inlet holes, the volume of raw materials extracted from each well increases, which has a positive effect on the economic indicators of oil fields.