ZPK SKIF-63-01


Designed for the perforating systems: PKO63-AT

Characteristics ZPK SKIF-63-C-01 ZPK SKIF-63-M-01

Operating principle

A channel cleaning method is implemented in SKIF charges, which involves adding thermite components to the shaped charge lining.

During the rock penetration by a jet stream, an exothermic reaction begins, which is accompanied with the release of a large amount of heat and an increase in pressure, this results in partial burnout of the charge residues on the channel surface, as well as their subsequent removal from the channel, which contributes to an increase of the channel diameter and the formation of a channel with high permeability.

The lining of SKIF shaped charges contains thermite type mixture, its exothermic reaction inside the channel is accompanied with the release of a large amount of energy and a sharp increase in pressure. The compacted rock layer with lowered permeability of channel walls is crushed with subsequent removal of debris from the channel.

Advantages of SKIF charges:

  • The volume of the perforation channel is 55% larger
  • The area of ​​the perforation channel, taking into account the fracture network formed, is 45% larger

The results are confirmed by the tests performed using the V|TOME|X X-ray tomograph.