The technology of high-energy gas-dynamic fracturing using solid fuel pressure generators (TGDU)



Intensification of production capacity, increase in injection capacity, obtaining reliable data on the potential of productive formations of various wells.


Hydrogasdynamic fracturing, increasing reservoir properties of reservoir rocks by forming a system of residual cracks and cleaning the well site.

Characteristics TGDU-105 TGDU-85 TGDU-65 TGDU-55 TGDU-40
Explosive weight 7.1 5,1 2,9 1.9 900
Outer diameter, mm 105 mm 85 mm 65 mm 55 mm 40 mm
Max temperature, C 200 200 200 200 200
Length, mm 500 500 500 500 500


  • Treatment of medium and low permeability formations at various stages of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields;
  • Treatment in conjunction with hydrochloric acid to increase efficiency;
  • Pre-treatment before hydraulic fracturing to reduce the initial fracturing pressure;
  • Treatment of injection wells without the involvement of a workover crew;
  • Degassing of gas-bearing coal seams and industrial production of methane;
  • Extraction of minerals by underground leaching methods.


  • scientific and high-tech approach to the intensification of hydrocarbon production;
  • real savings compared to the hydraulic fracturing technology (does not require the delivery of a large amount of equipment to the well, which is especially important for remote fields);
  • obtaining reliable data on the potential of productive formations;
  • safety for the well and the personnel;
  • efficiency, mobility;
  • interoperability.