Characteristics PKO 73-AT
Perforation density, holes/m 10, 20
Outer diameter, mm 76,5
Max temperature, C 150/200

PKO 73-AT perforating gun is one of the modifications of perforation systems for BPO in wells. The devices are completed with shaped charges and are used mainly for the secondary drilling of oil-bearing formations in liquid-filled cavities. Suitable for casing strings with a diameter of 114 mm.

The parameters, characteristics and dimensions of PKO 73 are detailed in the accompanying technical documentation attached to the perforation system modification.

The main advantages of the perforation systems:

  • the devices are characterized by usability and minimal fault rate;
  • the wells are not clogged with fragments of shaped charges and perforating guns;
  • the efficiency of blasting operations increases significantly due to the use of original BVT charges with low blast capacity;
  • fast and accurate assembly of perforation systems for running into wells;
  • high level of safety;
  • increased penetrative power;
  • running on a wireline, tubing and coiled tubing is allowed.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to complete the devices with roller adapters to reduce friction of perforation systems when running and pulling.

* - phasing 00, 450, 900,1800 is available upon the Customer’s request

** - other density is available upon the Customer’s request

*** - ID can be produced according to the special order

**** - other lengths are available upon the Customer’s request

***** - outer diameter of the string:

114 mm - 4°

120 mm - 5°

127 mm - 6°

140 mm - 7°

146 mm - 7°

168 mm - 7°

178 mm - 7°

194 mm - 7°

219 mm - 7°

245 mm - 7°