PKO 102-AT

Characteristics PKO 102-AT
Perforation density, holes/m 20
Outer diameter, mm 102
Max temperature, C 150/200

Perforating systems PKO 102-AT are intended for single use in the process of BPO in the areas of geological exploration and development of oil fields. The perforating guns PKO 102 are transported to the perforation interval on a wireline or tubing. The devices are recommended for use in casing-type pipes with a diameter of 146 and 168 mm in wells filled with liquid or gas.

The main advantages of perforating guns:

  • easy and quick preparation for work;
  • running on a wireline, tubing and coiled tubing;
  • safe design guarantees the minimum risk of accidents;
  • possibility of combining shaped charges with different penetration parameters;
  • in the process of operation, the wells are not clogged with fragments of charges and perforation systems;
  • it is allowed to install centralizers and roller adapters to reduce friction during tripping operations.

The outer diameter of the devices is 102 mm. Various phasing options and case lengths can be provided at the request of the customer. Detailed characteristics of PKO 102-AT are listed in the product card.

* - phasing 00, 450, 900,1800 is available upon the Customer’s request

** - other density is available upon the Customer’s request

*** - ID can be produced according to the special order

**** - other lengths are available upon the Customer’s request

***** - outer diameter of the string:

140 mm - 2°

146 mm - 2°

168 mm - 4°

178 mm - 4°

194 mm - 5°

219 mm - 6°

245 mm - 7°