Mechanical disconnector



The disconnector is installed in assemblies conveyed on tubing, between the instrument part of the assembly and the perforating system, and is designed for emergency disconnection of these parts in case of an emergency (for example, sticking of the perforating system).


• after disconnection, it ensures tightness of sections of the perforation systems.

Characteristics Razedinitel mekhanicheskiy
Lifetime, applications* 3
Operating environment Water, oil, gas, water-oil emulsions
Step of the breaking force increase when adding one pin, kg 250
Max quantity of the installed pins allowed, pcs. 16
Minimum quantity of the installed pins allowed, pcs. 2
Minimum breaking force, kg 500
Maximum breaking force, kg 4000
Connection threads М48х3/ 1,625-6TPI-ACME, М48х3 / М48х3, М30х2 / М48х3
Weight, max, kg 6
Maximum allowable operating temperature, ˚С 150
Outer diameter, mm 70
Weight, kg 5.1
* If the spare parts from the repair kits are used