Our team

The main recourse and value of our company is our team of professionals driven by the same purpose: research and development of successful solutions for each particular task set by the customer. Professionalism and commitment of the employees are the key to the quality of products and services provided.

BVT corporate culture is based on mutual respect, mutual support and effective teamwork of the colleagues while dealing with all the tasks.

BVT executives appreciate each team member, provide financial and moral encouragement, support creativity.

BVT executives aim at maintaining the maximum level of proficiency of the team so that it could meet the ever-growing market demands. This is achieved through regular certification and professional development activities.

BVT executives is the team of professionals with high qualifications and enormous experience in various spheres of oil and gas industry. High expertise and awareness of the “inside system” of the professional field allows them to develop the effective company development strategy, master perspective work directions and supply oil and gas market with high-demand products and services.