PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - SUCCESSFUL SOLUTIONS!Development and production of perforating systems, shaped charges, accessories and equipment
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BVT company was established in 2000 by the professional petroleum team. After more than 18 years of successful and effective work, JSC BVT has become a prominent market player, a vertically integrated company able to operate in the following fields:

  • Its own research and development engineering works in the field of perforating operations that have been patented;
  • Production of the wide range of perforating-explosive equipment: shaped charges, perforating systems, initiating devices, accessories for gun systems;
  • Providing a wide range of geophysical services in accordance with the brand new technologies and methods of geophysical research and development, using the best modern equipment;
  • Providing coiled tubing works of different levels in oil and gas wells with the help of our own powerful CTU;
  • Technical support during perforating operations and geophysical research to improve the effectiveness and the quality of works;
  • Drilling Process Support.

Our Advantages:

The quality of goods and services: JSC BVT guarantees high quality, reliability and excellent technical characteristics of the products due to the multilevel system of quality control at the manufacture and regular testing of all the product range; the quality of the products is also based on the high professional level of the workers of the following departments: Wireline Well Services, Service technical support PEO and CTU specialists.

High manufacturability: JSC BVT constantly carries out scientific and technical activities, introducing improved production technologies and working out unique patented goods that meet the requirements of the modern market demands. Besides, the company suggests all kinds of coil tubing works and well-logging operations, using the best modern high-tech equipment, which is constantly increased in accordance with the brand new technologies and methods of productive well-operation.

Responsibility to Clients: We are fully responsible for all the projects that we realize and we complete all the tasks that are based on the real needs of our clients. JSC BVT has become a constant partner of some of the largest oil and gas companies because the company exactly complies with the contract condition, has an inpidual approach to each client, gives all the necessary information, introduces flexible price policy and successful results of cooperative work.