The CLUSTER technology is designed to increase the efficiency of BPO for well completion with stimulation.

It is recommended for the BPO aimed at:

  • hydraulic fracturing (the Cluster system can show particular efficiency in selective cluster perforation using the Plug&Perf technology in horizontal sections of wells as part of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing);
  • gas-dynamic stimulation.

Due to the possibility of grouping the types of charges and the angular deviation of their axes, this constructive solution allows to:

  • provide a high concentration of perforation channel endings in a volume, which is more than 2.6 times smaller as compared to the standard perforation systems with a combination of charge types. This forms a zone with higher concentration of rock damage by the channels of jet streams - stress concentrators.
  • as a result of a closer location of the ends of several channels to each other, increase the probability of connecting the systems of cracks of these channels via the shortest distances and forming a three-dimensional system of cracks hydraulically connected to each other.

The mathematical model and design of the CLUSTER perforating system allow to select the most optimal configuration based on specific technical requirements for the results by varying and selecting shaped charges with different penetration patterns, changing them in different versions, changing the inclination angles and phasing of the perforating gun.

CLUSTER shows almost 2.7 times greater efficiency compared to the standard perforation system due to providing a higher density of channel concentration both in the volume and in the length of the perforation interval.