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Test and specifications

The range of BVT shaped charges in perforating systems was tested according to the specification of American Petrolium Institute API RP 19B.

Every three year we select different shaped charges (not less than 1000 items) in accordance with the specification SS-05 to test them in the independent testing centre FSUE «SPC «Pribor» in the city of Noginsk. Testing process is aimed at conforming that shaped charges meet technical requirements mentioned in the specifications – actual perforation index (hole diameter, depth of perforation and stability of these indices). 

Besides, spec. SS-05 is used to test new products to confirm that applied engineering solutions meet technical requirements mentioned in the specifications.

After completing SS-05 spec. tests Rostechnadzor issue Testing Report with technical features of the products that passed tests.

Periodical tests for perforating systems are exercised by shooting on the surface in a simulator of a casing  with atmospheric pressure.


During the testing process we test the quality of the perforator casing material and the resistance to explosive effect on multi-use accessories (subs, bits, cable heads and so on). After shooting process the integrity of the perforator casing is checked (if there are cracks and breaks), and deformation of the perforator casing is measured.

Periodic tests of perforators in an air pressure vessel (APV) are organized for new perforating systems or if there is a necessity of testing existing models. Such tests help control strength characteristics - resistance to external hydrostatic pressure and high temperatures.