PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - SUCCESSFUL SOLUTIONS!Development and production of perforating systems, shaped charges, accessories and equipment
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Engineering Centre

JSC «BVT» is a science-oriented enterprise and is known for its research and development engineering work of the specialists of Research and Development Engineering Centre (RDEC) BVT.

Our Centre is aimed at developing and introducing products that work properly in accordance with modern oil and gas industry demands during PEO.

Main Functions of RDCE:

  • Scientific research in the field of developing PEE complexes is based on the modern analytical methods with the brand new computer engineering systems for high-speed process modeling (ANSYS and the others). We can carry on detailed research and testing works and work out directions of our further developing because of our own testing territory with the laboratory, equipped with the latest control machinery;   
  • We focus on engineering development of new PEE elements with specifications that are equal or even better than products of foreign companies. Engineering department specialists of RDCE BVT are professional in their field; they work out their projects on the basis of the advanced software (Solidworks Professional) for hybrid parametric modeling and engineering products according to the specifications for their production. All engineering department specialists constantly improve their skills and study the advanced modules of Solidworks. It’s a guaranty of their quick and effective work at all realizing projects;   
  • Engineering department specialists of RDCE BVT provide technical monitoring, adaptation of the developments to a particular manufacture and creator’s monitoring. They develop product manufacturing technology and exercise technological control over the process. It guaranties that all the developed parameters of the item will be saved according to the specifications, fixed in engineering and technical documents. 
Present results of the constant scientific research and development and engineering work are 30 valid patents. Besides complexes of perforating systems and shaped charges, the Centre develops exclusive innovative products for oil and gas complex, connected with using unique technological methods during PEO such as combined perforation, selective perforation and so on.