PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - SUCCESSFUL SOLUTIONS!Development and production of perforating systems, shaped charges, accessories and equipment
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Production facilities

One of the most important factors of our success and constant development of our company is powerful and high-technological, material and technical productive facilities.

JSC«SVMZ» in Samara produces all models of perforating systems (Ø 50÷114 mm), cases for shaped charges, devices and tools for production of charges, equipment, fishing tools and accessories for gun systems.


There’re 3 main departments:

  • Production of cases for shaped charges; 
  • Perforating systems production;
  • Tool-making facilities.

Total administrative, storing and manufacturing area of JSC«SVMZ»» is nearly 6000 m2. Enterprise has got high-technology equipment. Machinery equipment consists of the most modern turnery equipment with CNC made by HAAS (USA), DOOSAN (Korea) and Dugard (Great Britain), 4th-coordinated machines with computer control for milling of DOOSAN, 5th-coordinated processing machines of HERMLE (Germany), highly-efficient optical grinding, paint equipment and so on. 

JSC«SVMZ» is the only production plant in Russia that manufactures perforating systems, certified according to the Standard API Spec. Q1 of American Petrolium Institute (ISO/TS 29001). Quality System of the enterprise guarantees high quality of manufacturing products and meets all the international requirements in this field.

Certificates SVMZ.jpg

Automatic process lines are used for producing shaped charges. They provide quality and uniformity of producing shaped charges with the specified technical characteristics. Production capability may reach the level of 250 thousands of shaped charges in a month.  

There are the following productive sectors:

- three shaped charges assembly lines;

- manufacturing powdered claddings;

- product preparation;

- laser marking;

- vacuum packing of finished products;

- shaped charges testing process; 

- process line for detonating cord production (DC);

- shaped charges and DC testing;

- test production for manufacturing samples and limited production of PEE elements (electric detonators, detonation transmission device and so on);

- laboratory for conducting entrance monitoring of products and accessories.

According to the evaluation of some experts, BVT production facilities are equal and in some aspects are even better than the best international samples of similar products.


The plant is certified by Rostekhnadzor (Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision) in Russian Federation as well as it has got certifications ISO 9001:2008 API Q1 «for equipment producers and companies providing production services in oil industry sector».