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Technical Equipment

Our equipment includes:

  • logging pulling trucks with a driving unit and a fluid drive, based on the hardware and software complexes «Vulkan»;
  • logging truck hoists on the skid Kamaz -43118 (cumulative glass perforator 5M, cumulative glass perforator 5G, cumulative glass perforator 7G);
  • drilling control hookup
  • a server for operations with automated complexes («AMC - Horizon»)

Downhole equipment used for investigations in the open hole:

During the well construction:

  • electrical logging
  • micrologging.
  • induction electrical log of high quality.
  • nuclear well logging
  • acoustic logging
  • litho density log.
  • section gauge and geometry pig.
  • inclinometers and gyroscopic inclinometers


For the open hole logging, the software-controlled hardware system AMC MAGIS-2 is used.


AMC MAGIS-2 is designed for surveys in prospecting, exploratory, and production oil and gas open-hole wells with the diameter from 120 to 250 mm and depth up to 5000 m. These surveys are carried out by means of electrical, radioactive, and sonic logging techniques, high frequency induction isoperimetric sensing, directional survey, profilometry, thermometry, and coupling localization. 

AMK MAGIS-2 provides quality digital data using laterologging, guard-electrode logging, electrical survey, SP, micro laterolog, microlateral sonde, and inductive electro-magnetic logging, resistivimetry, thermometry, CCL, profilometry, directional survey, gamma-ray log, natural gamma-ray spectrometry, 2TDTL, gamma-ray neutron log, density log, acoustic velocity logging, and VIKIZ-M under the maximum well temperature of +120°C and the hydrostatic pressure of 80 MPa.

Design options:

а) LL + GEL + IEML (5 probes) + inclinometer + SP


  • assessing oil and gas saturation of collectors in cross sections of drilled uncased oil and gas wells using methods of electrical sensing;
  • assessing flow and volume properties of drilled uncased oil and gas well columns by radioactive, sonic, and induction logging;
  • well integrity study by means of profilometry and spatial orientation of a well by means of directional survey;
  • monitoring process parameters: axial load on the head of the well device, temperature and pressure of the surrounding environment;


  • Saving all logging data in the internal memory of the telemetry module, without any information losses in the logging cable, with the possibility of subsequent rapid downloading (1 Gb in 8 minutes);
  • Complete logging in one round-trip operation;
  • A fast intermodule interface with a universal data transfer protocol.  Adaptive telemetry for any type of logging cable. 



For surveys in the inclined and horizontal wells, BVT uses the following equipment:

  • AMC Horizon self-contained complexes for operations in open hole wells; 
  • AMC2000SKU complexes for assessing the quality of casing cementing, with the external diameter from 146 to 178 mm; 
  • AGS “Independent Cement Gauge” self-contained systems for assessing the quality of casing cementing, with an external diameter from 102 to 127 mm.


The AMC HORIZON-90 self-contained complex is designed for investigations in horizontal and sticky wells, and also for branch holes. The running operation can be accomplished using the drilling pipes, coiled tubing, or hard logging cable.


  • AMС HORIZON-90-VIKIZ, measurement and record of the electrical resistivity or the rock strata using five probes at various depths 
  • AMС HORIZON-90-K4 – gamma-ray log, CNL, neutron gamma-ray logging, resistivity logging (4 symmetrical probe gradients), SP, directional survey, resistivimetry, and low-frequency two-probe induction logging 
  • AMC HORIZON-90-SGK –testing concentration of radioactive elements (uranium, thorium, potassium). 
  • AMC HORIZON-90-VAK –wave acoustic logging. 
  • AMC HORIZON-100-SGDT – designed for measuring the density of matter in the annular space and the thickness of casing in the scanning mode in wells with an external diameter of casing from 140 to 178 mm


  • Lithological division of geological well columns;
  • Reservoir characteristics analysis of rock strata;
  • Measuring of saturation of permeable intervals;
  • Assessment of cementing quality;
  • Monitoring of the well path.


While assessing the technical state:

  • Electromagnetical flaw-detective log.
  • Scanning gamma-cement and acoustic well-logging measurement.
  • Bore hole televiewer.
  • Multifinger imaging tool..

During the perforation job:

  • Highly disruptive boring machines with the diameter from 50 mm to 114 mm 
  • multicarrier perforators Snake BVT (diameter 50-102 mm)

During the field development:

  • borehole equipment with the diameter from 28 to 42 mm. 


Complex well-logging apparatus AGAT-KG-42-6V


Complex well-logging apparatus AGAT-KG-42-6V is designed for geophysical surveys in horizontal production wells with the purpose of oil and gas field monitoring.
For more convenience and greater flexibility, AGAT-KG-42-6V consists of two independent modules RVS-42-6V and PM-42M, with a resistivity meter and a small flowmeter as additional options. 


Parameters to be measured

  • moisture content – 6 sensors;
  • rotation angle of the device around its axis;
  • inclination angle;
  • temperature – 2 sensors;
  • mechanical flowmetering – 2 sensors;
  • inflow thermal indication;
  • coupling locations;
  • gamma radiation intensity;
  • fluid resistivity

Specifications of the well equipment

  • length – 3500 mm;
  • diameter – not more than 42 mm;
  • diameter of folded multi-lever probe – not more than 44 mm;
  • diameter of unfolded multi-lever probe – 130 mm.
  • weight– not more than 25 kg.

Operating conditions

  • well pressure – not more than 60 MPa;
  • temperature – not more than 120°C.

Complex well-logging apparatus SOVA-S5-38Т-70


Complex well-logging apparatus SOVA-S5-38Т-70 is used for geophysical surveys in oil, gas and hydrothermal holes during well-operation or well-repair work. It allows to simultaneously measure power of exposure dose of gamma rays released in rocks (R), pressure (P), temperature (T), conductivity (R), humidity (H), define inflow and absorption areas (SMT) of well fluid, collar location and perforation control (MCL).

Measured parameters

  • humidity in the range of 0-60%;
  • temperature in the range of 0-120 С;
  • pressure in the range of 0-70 MPa;
  • mechanical flow survey in TCP-73 in the range of 0,2-60 cub.m/h;
  • thermal indication of flowrate, for the columns of 146 mm in the range of 0,1-10 cub.m/h;
  • collar location;
  • power of exposure dose of gamma rays in the range of 1-600 mcR/h;
  • specific conductivity of well fluid in the range of 100-60000 mSm/m. 

Technical characteristics of the well-logging apparatus:

  • length with flow-meter is not more than 2055 mm;
  • diameter is not more than 40 mm;
  • well apparatus mass with the flow-meter is not more than 10,5 kg;
  • constant work time (including all measuring channels) is not more than 20 hours.

Operating conditions:

  • well pressure – not more than 70 MPa;
  • ambient temperature – not more than 125 °С.

Complex of geophysical methods

  • gamma logging;
  • magnetic collar locator;
  • manometry;
  • highly sensitive thermal logging;
  • scanning highly sensitive thermal logging;
  • dielkometric moisture metering;
  • scanning dielkometric moisture meter;
  • induction resistivity metering;
  • thermoconductive flow-meter;
  • mechanical flow survey.