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Oil and gas field service

Wireline well services are carried out by two branches located in Western and Eastern Siberia. Nefteyugansk branch with the personnel of 350 people is located in Nefteyugansk city and includes 35 production crews. Its main customer is LLC «RN-Yuganskneftegas». Oil and gas field monitoring is conducted in Priobsk, Pravdinsk, East Pravdinsk, West Salymsk, Petelinsk, Malobalyksk, Central Balyksk, South Balyksk, Efremovsk, Ugutsk, Kinyaminsk, Fainsk, Mamontovsk, Maysk, Teplovsk, Ombinsk, East Siberian fields. 

Nefteyugansk branch also includes Buzulukskiy geophysical expedition, which began its work since the end of the 2016. Expedition, numbering 80 people and based in the city of Buzuluk, is composed of 6 PEO production batches. Perforating-explosive operations are conducted mainly at the fields of JSC «Orenburgneft» in the Orenburg and Samara regions.

Krasnoyarsk branch with its personnel of 60 people and 10 productive crews is located in Vankorsk field. Administrative and managerial staff is in Krasnoyarsk city. Its main customer is CJSC «Vankorneft» and CJSC «East Siberian oil company». Oil and gas field monitoring is conducted mainly in Vankorsk and Yurubcheno-Tohomsk fields.

Wireline well services are conducted in all weather conditions and with up-to-date equipment. Data transmission is performed via satellite-delivered channels, and is followed by immediate data interpretation and decision issue.

Types of wireline well services carried out by JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii»

  • Hole drilling and monitoring in inclined and horizontal wells using automated meteorological complexes «Horizon»;>
  • Drilling course investigation in the open hole and in the production casing;
  • Assessment of quality of cementing with production casing and formation by method of acoustic cement bond logging in casings with diameter of 13 -16 inches;
  • Estimating of annular space filling and boring casing thickness using gamma-cement logging;
  • Scanning acoustic cement bond logging and gamma-cement logging;
  • Structural assessment of inside surface of production casing;
  • Deep disposal wells investigation while controlling field development;
  • Well development using method of swabbing;
  • Reservoir saturation assessment through casing while controlling field development;
  • Perforating explosive operations. Tubing conveyed perforating TCP;
  • Accident elimination in wells;
  • Oil well stimulation. Using powder generator of pressure.


In the open hole:

  • Lithological and stratigraphic pision of geological cross section of wells;
  • Reservoir quality discrimination and saturation assessment;
  • Horizontal boreholes and branch holes monitoring;
  • Assessment of the technical state of a well;
  • Cementing procedure controlling;
  • Specifying well equipment location and condition;


  • Completion of productive layers;

Field development monitoring:

  •  Monitoring of current productive layers development;
  •  Identification of water oil contact in production ranges;
  • Determination of exploitation well inflow profile and injection capacity of injection wells;
  •  Identification of cross flows behind the casing;
  •  Assessment of the technical state of production casings.

Well development services:

  •  Swabbing;
  •  Determination of fluid level and fluid content;
  •  Intensification of injection capacity and reservoir recovery;


  •  Log analysis interpretation;
  •  Logging data transmission via electronic communication channels;
  •  Data interpretation and processing in OSS Prime;

Technical Equipment