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Drilling Process Support

A new, evolving area of BVT JSC’s business is the engineering, technology and telemetric drilling (slant and lateral holes) support, where both the latest world achievements and own highly efficient process solutions are used.

Improving the adaptability of work in view of the complicated geology-technical conditions in the construction of slant, horizontal and multilateral oil and gas wells requires obtaining accurate real-time measurements and data in the course of drilling; this allows reducing the influence of external factors during drilling, making the well construction process more predictable and significantly optimizing time and financial resources.

BashVzryvTehnologii JSC provides services for drilling of slant and horizontal wells in the following areas:

  • monitoring and control of the well trajectory in the course of drilling with the use of LWD and MWD systems with a hydraulic communication channel;
  • engineering and technology support of slant and horizontal well drilling;
  • IT work, incl. gathering and processing data on the well trajectory from the downhole telemetry system.

Certified equipment is used for the performance of work:  Equipment

The quality of the work being performed is ensured by highly qualified specialists. A wide range of tasks solved and an optimal interaction pattern of departments render more efficient work performed by company. The use of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System of standards, under which personnel qualification and advanced trainings are constantly carried out, helps to meet the requirements of service customers.