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Coiled tubing operations

«BVT-Vostok» JSC renders a full range of high-tech and economically efficient coil-tubing works. Operations using flexible pump-compression tubing (FPCT) allow perform well survey, logging and perforation, hydraulic fracturing and multistage hydraulic fracturing, well development, etc

Providing FPCT equipment fleet of «BVT-Vostok» JSC:     

  • Installation of FPCT:
  • Additional tubing spool (winding capacity of 5,700 m);
  • FPCT 44.45 mm long, including logging cable;
  • Pumping unit (with working fluid heating feature);
  • Nitrogen unit;
  • Vessel park (working capacity of 50m3, reciprocal capacity 40m3 with fluid degasifier, nitrogen tankers of 19 and 19 t capacity, nitrogen storage vessels of 65 t capacity)
  • Steam trucks, UMP-400, front loader;
  • Refueling tanker, oil tanker, crew bus, Grove truck crane with 50t lifting capacity;
  • Office trailer with satellite communications system;
  • FPCT 38.1 mm long, including logging cable;
  • Modernized Hot Oiler;
  • SIN-32, acid pump option;
  • Modular nitrogen unit with capacity of up to 2 t of liquid nitrogen MKDS-100, 2 pcs;
  • Accommodation rail cars, drying car, shower car on chassis, etc.;
  • 50m3 vessel, acid-resistant option;
  • 6m3 water vessel on chassis;
  • Semitrailer, including drop-side semitrailer with platform;
  • LMF movable membrane unit of 20/350 capacity
  • Pump-jack service truck with truck loader crane;
  • Pickup cars;

Currently, the company possesses enough tools, packages and instruments to perform works of any complexity and purpose;      

  • Rotating and static flushing nozzles, bottom-hole cleaning water jet tool;
  • Fishing tool (fishing packages, overshots, magnets, impression blocks, inclinators, etc);
  • Lead impression blocks, impact tools, casing centralizers, cable catchers and other for elimination of impassable blocks and obstacles;
  • Bottom-hole pressure and temperature sensors allowing fluid pumping in order to measure bottom-hole pressure in recording mode;
  • Bottom-hole motors of various typical sizes, head modules and required milling tool set for successful milling operations
  • CSI-80 injectors by Coil Solution for complex operations and use of tubes of larger diameter;
  • Liquid nitrogen production unit of 5t/day capacity (installed by specialists of “BVT-Vostok” JSC) for development works and other process operation using nitrogen.

All design of works, analysis of the performed operation and calculations are performed by highly-qualified specialists of "BVT" JSC under Cerberus and ORION licensed programs. These software products enable accurate calculation for conduction of flexible tube to bottom-hole, tube design calculation, account of compensated neutron log applied.  

Delivery and transportation of geophysical instruments in horizontal well section ensuring signal transmission from coupling head to FPCT spool collector and further to geophysical control station are performed by using FPCT with typical size of 44mm with 7-core cable and cable head.

In order to resolve efficiently the issue of underreaching of tool or instrument with flexible tubing to bottom-hole or required well interval in horizontal sections, the engineering group of the company performs optimization works for flexible tubing structures together with FPCT manufacturer.

The company uses flexible tubes by Tenaris and Global Tubing with adjustable wall thickness allowing:

- FPCT reaching the required depth without blocking: maximally heavy and rigid section is used at tangent section. Maximally light section – in horizontal section;

 - increasing flexible tubing life cycle.

Exclusive technologies and non-standard production solutions:

  • Y-TOOL. When working in the wells using Y-tool, key objectives of FPCT are tight installation of a logging plug, installation and removal of a blind plug, if required.
  • «BVT-Vostok» JSC performed multiple successful field geophysical surveys in horizontal wells with Y-tool bypass system installed, and the works were performed using FPCT of both 38.1mm and 44.45mm diameter.
  • Fishing scratchers operations for pump-compression tubing (PCT).
  • Joint complex installation works with capital well repair crew, when FPCT was hung on capital well repair crane

New fields of «BVT-Vostok» JSC activity:

In 2018«BVT-Vostok» JSC established Well Completion and Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Service providing equipment and engineering support during multi-stage hydraulic fracturing using special tools:

  • Multiple opening/closing controlled coupling
  • Break-away port couplings allowing closing.
  • Break-away single-action couplings.
  • Tools for controlled multi-use couplings of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing well completion using FPCT and PCT:

- PCT going through tubing space and/or annular space;

- real-time surface indication

- possibility of hydraulic fracturing at operating wells via existing perforation path;

- possibility of repeated hydralic fracturing via FPCT and PCT;

- possibility of hydrosand-blast perforation.

For Customers convenience, Import Procurement Service was established based on structure and experience of foreign companies specializing in door-to-door cargo shipping in the Russian Federation. Provides delivery of equipment and spare parts for all fields of oil and gas industry. Arranges procurement, dispatching, customs clearance, delivry. It employs workers that used to work in foreign companies, supplying equipment and parts to the Russian Federation for 16 years from North and South America, EU, post-Soviet countries, China, India. For purposes of procurement and export of equipment from North America to Russia, subsidiary company was established in Canada, allowing quickening, simplifying and optimizing goods procurement in North America and shipment to Russia.

«BVT-Vostok» JSC aims for constant increase of coil-tubing capacities and expansion of range of rendered FPCT services, for development and implementation of new ideas; for these purposes, the Company localized the production of underground FPCT equipment within the territory of the Russian Federation.