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Specialists of «BVT» have created a software program, which helps to make the process of casing completion by means of cumulative perforation the most effective.

Nowadays software application in oil and gas industry, in the sphere of service, is constantly growing and developing. 

Prediction of shooting results, as one of the most important stages in well development, and the choice of highly effective equipment for each task, make well work more sufficient and gas and oil recovery more intensive.

«BVT» provides its customers with software PerfoLab, which allows to choose the best engineering solution for perforating explosive operations. 

PerfoLab allows its user to make estimations of several variants and choose the best after comparing performance characteristics of shaped charges and a casing perforator, and assessing the real well construction and reservoir characteristics.

Software application PerfoLab was created for automatic calculation of the following parameters:

  • Entry-hole diameter in the boring casing;
  • Depth of penetration;
  • Skin factor;
  • Productivity factor.
  • The type of the perforator and the shaped charge;
  • Relative position of the perforator and the boring casing (on line, perforators with centalizers or without);
  • Borehole fluid type;
  • Typical size of the boring casing, wall thickness, strength groups;
  • Hardness and density of the cement sheath;
  • Density of the formation and its reservoir features.

The mathematical model for calculating the entry-hole diameters and perforation depths is based on the methods, developed by BVT according to the fundamental principles of physics, such as energy conservation principle, the law of conservation of momentum, and test results of shaped charges shooting at targets using the method of CC-05 and combined targets and perforating systems using the method of API RP 19B.

Software PerfoLab can operate in the standalone mode (input the user’s data) as well as in the mode of acquisition of the well construction data from the software package BasPRO.