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Universal firing head (UFH) is designed for triggering PKO 63-AT, PKO 73-AT, PKO 89-AT, PKO 102-AT, PKO 114-AT perforators deployed in the tubing in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells with water, oil or other washing fluid.

Features and advantages:

  • can be used in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells with pressure sink on a productive formation;
  • reliable head triggering at hydrostatic pressure at least 5 MPa with DYNAWELL HNS detonator inside the head;
  • no accidental triggering at pressure not exceeding 1.5 MPa, when the head is charged and put into well mouth;
  • well bore can be washed via circulating holes, formation fluid enters the tubing after perforation;
  • triggering by ball or dropbar dropped in the tubing, depending on process conditions;
  • compatible with any equipment installed above the head (sludge traps, etc.);
  • can be used after continuous exposure to high pressure and temperature;
  • NO-GO protecting device (used when triggering by rod only) eliminating risk of accidental head triggering by a geophysical device.



External diameter, maximum, mm

76 (89)

Length, maximum, mm


Weight of the head, no more than, kg


Weight of the blasting explosive, maximum, g


External hydrostatic pressure that doesn’t set off head triggering, MPa


Minimum external hydrostatic pressure that provides reliable head triggering provided DYNAWELL HNS detonator is used, MPa


Maximum permissible hydrostatic pressure in application, MPa


Maximum permissible temperature in application,  °С



Available salvos, minimum


* - high pressure implementation