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PKO 114-АТ
PKO 114-АТ

PKO 114-АТ

Scalloped hollow gun system may be used during logging cable, tubing conveyed perforating or coiled tubing operations. It is used for casing perforation in the wells filled with fuel, gas condensate or gas. It is recommended for application in casing of 168 or 178 mm diameters.

Characteristics and advantages

  • simple loading and comfortable assembling of perforator;
  • combined loading of charges with different penetration characteristics;
  • possibility of multi-assembling for logging cable operations with an electric detonator at the bottom of perforator;
  • system does not clog the hole with fragments of charges and detonator;
  • reliability;
  • fail safety;
  • can be equipped with centralizers.

Perforating gun systems specifications

PKO 114-АТ

External diameter, mm


Phasing, ° *


Perforation density, hl./m **


Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa


110 ***

Maximum temperature, °С ***


Length, m ****

* - phasing 0°, 45°, 90°, 180° is available at customer's request;
** - different density is available at customer's request;
*** - high pressure implementation on custom order including supply of high-temperature rotating stop valves;
**** - different length is available at customer's request.

Can be equipped with roller adapters reducing friction of the perforating system at tripping operations.