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Shaped charges






ZPK 102-АТ-М

ZPK 114-AT-M

BVT develops and manufactures shaped charges used to open-up productive formations in oil and gas wells.

We have developed and patented our own technology for manufacturing low-explosive shaped charges for higher efficiency. We have also started producing deep penetration shaped charges.

Blasting explosive «Kompozit-P», created by the Research and Development Center of BVT is used in production of GP-type charges. The use this homogeneous and loose substance provides a well-compressed product, which guarantees positive results.

A range of charges with a large diameter input orifice has been developed for hydraulic fracturing (HF) purposes. The specifications of these charges are similar to the best foreign analogs.

During the manufacturing process, before filling a shaped charge with explosive material, the rheological and mechanical properties of the explosive material are determined (compressibility, bulk density, etc.). The method developed by BVT for determining the bulk density by indirect indications makes it possible to use explosive substances with exactly matching specifications for each type of charge. The shaped charge production line is certified and patented. It is possible to produce charges, using RDX product (thermostability -150o C) or HMX product (thermostability- 200 oC during one hour).