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We Aim for Innovation!

Once again, Research and Production Company BVT provided the Technology Forum platform for specialists of oil and gas industry and oilfield service companies, as well as representatives of the scientific and industrial community.

The Oil and Gas Technology Forum «Domestic innovative development of equipment for geophysical well logging and perforating operations. Experience and prospects for implementation» was held in Samara Oblast from June 13 to June 16, 2017. BVT Company regularly holds similar events since 2013. For the past 17 years, JSC «BVT» has turned into a vertically integrated oilfield service company that provides a wide range of services: from development and production of downhole equipment for production sites in Samara Oblast to servicing operations at the largest oil and gas fields of the Russian Federation through its own geophysical enterprises.

Технологический форум БВТ 2017
Технологический форум БВТ 2017
Технологический форум БВТ 2017
Технологический форум БВТ 2017
Технологический форум БВТ 2017
Технологический форум БВТ 2017.JPG
Технологический форум БВТ 2017.JPG
Технологический форум БВТ 2017.JPG

The Forum 2017 gathered a number of top managers and dedicated experts of the largest Russian oil and gas producing enterprises, such as Rosneft, Slavneft, Lukoil, Irkutsk Oil Company, and many other leading service companies from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, as well as Western partners of JSC «BVT» from the United Kingdom and the United States. The high level of the Forum was acknowledged by the government of Samara Oblast: in particular, a welcome address from the regional government was read out by D. V. Gorbunov, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara Oblast. R. A. Valiullin, the President of the International Association for Scientific, Engineering and Business Cooperation in Well Logging and Interventions (AIS), Professor, Doctor of Engineering Science, Head of the Department of Geophysics of Bashkir State University, noted in his speech that the chosen format of communication promotes successful interaction between representatives of scientific community and oil and gas industry, and the demonstrated technologies are illustrative of the innovative developments of BVT Company.

L. K. Dzhagieva, First Deputy General Director of JSC «BVT»:

«I express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire BVT Company and on my own behalf for your participation in the Technology Forum, which we traditionally hold on the banks of the Volga River.

I am confident that the event provided not only familiarization with the advanced technologies, but, first of all, the exchange of professional experience and promising ideas. After all, the main purpose of organizing and holding the Technology Forums for us is to create conditions for meaningful dialogues with partners».

As part of JSC «BVT» Technological Forum, the participants discussed the experience of SNAKE BVT technology application in oil field, officially approved and widely used by Rosneft and many other major oil and gas enterprises in Russia and Belarus; the experience of application of two initiating heads (an all-purpose head and an absolute pressure head) in the same round-trip operation, the results of pilot industrial works with SKIF BVT reactive lining charges in the wells of Western Siberia and the Volga region. The effectiveness of these technologies has been confirmed both by statistical data and first-hand accounts by dedicated experts from various oil and gas producing companies.

The audience attended a number of presentations on new technologies developed by JSC «BVT», namely:

  • Innovative dynamic depression-based Delta P perforation technology, which improves well productivity and injection capacity and improves the results of its further development.

  • Controlled electronic initiation system PVA for remote initiation of perforation systems with ability to set an exact delay time and record well parameters before, during and after initiation of the system.

  • Unique technological assemblies of these products with BVT perforating equipment, in particular, for perforation operations using PUMPDOWN PLUG & PERF technology with multifracking, which implies delivery of a perforating assembly to the projected depth by hydraulic pumping, installation of an isolating packer, and multizone selective blasting of casing perforators within one round-trip operation.

Experts of Guardian Global Technologies (UK) (JSC «BVT» is its exclusive partner in the Russian Federation) presented in the Forum various equipment for selective targeted perforation, being innovative even for the global market.

Beyond that, the participants of the Forum discussed relevant topics of well perforating using coiled tubing on the example of experience of СJSC «BVT-Vostok», a subsidiary company, which carries out a wide range of coiled tubing operation in Siberian fields using its own fleet of coiled tubing equipment. In addition, the participants were get a sight of equipment for coiled tubing operations, introduced into batch production by СJSC «Sredne-Volzhskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod» (СJSC «SVMZ»), an industrial enterprise of BVT group of companies.

The topics of well surveying were widely covered in the reports and public talks of invited partners and friends of BVT, the leading developer companies of downhole equipment: NPF "Geofizika", NPP "VNIIGIS", "Geotron", etc.

A.K. Spiridonov, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of JSC «BVT»:

«It is encouraging to observe how our Technology Forum collects more and more participants. During the two days of the Forum, our guests were acquainted to modern equipment developed by BVT and applied by both our company and our customers.

Industrial geological and technical problems are becoming more complicated year by year. The main priority for development of enterprises, both ours and all participating companies, is application of the most effective technologies for solving these problems. So we aim for innovation!»

A number of Russian companies were awarded with the diplomas of the Euro-Asian Geophysical Society (EAGO) for introduction of innovative technologies in the field of blasting and perforating operations.

A varied entertainment program attracted a keen interest among the forum participants. Many of them became participants and spectators of BVT's sports meeting "Faster! Higher! More precise!". Competitions in football, basketball, volleyball, shooting and kart racing took place on different grounds of Vasilievsky Park Hotel. Participants of Volga Seasons competed in Mozgoboynya, an intellectual quiz game. At the closing of the Technological Forum, a solemn gala dinner was held with the participation of Samara music and dance groups.

The management of BVT Company is confident that such events as Technology Forums play an important role in communication between oil and gas and service companies and technology developers. The Technology Forum helps to determine further goals for scientific and technological development of manufacturing companies and to assess effectiveness of technologies and equipment, and also offers an excellent opportunity to meet your partners, colleagues and friends on scenic banks of the Volga River!

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