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The Technology Forum organized by Company BVT was held on the Volga riverside again.

Company BVT, the leading Russian manufacturer of perforating equipment for oil and gas industry, have established a good tradition to organize professional branch forums.

From the 1st up to the 3rd of June at the Vasilyevsky hotel-park on the Volga riverside, the representatives of leading Russian, Kazakhstani, Belorussian and Azerbaijani oil-producing and oil-service companies as well as the representatives of Halliburton holding company gathered for businesslike dialog on topic “Up-to-date downhole equipment for GIS and perforating operations. From techniques to technologies”.

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The highly topical program of the event was participated by representatives of such enterprises as RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC, Vankorneft JSC, Gazprom Geological Exploration LLC, LUKOIL PERM LLC, LUKOIL-Komi PJSC, NOVATEK-TARKOSALENEFTEGAS JSC, Gaspromneft-Orendurg CJSC, Slavneft-Megioneftegas JSC, INK-SERVICE LLC, Ruspetro LLC, Belorusneft RUE, Caspian Wireline Services (Azerbaidjan), Centrpromgeofizika LLP (Kazakhstan), Service Dala Group LLP (Kazakhstan), Yamalpromgeofizika JSC, Bashneftegeofizika JSC, Tomskgaspromgeofizika LLC, PGO Tyumenpromgeofizika CJSC, GK Geolad CJSC, Northern Geophysical Expedition CJSC, Geofizservice LLC as well as leading representatives of scientific community: President of AIS Association, GK representatives Kvant, NPP VNIIGIS JSC, NPF Geofizika JSC, NovTek New Technologies LLC and many others.

At the first day of the Technology Forum, the field tests of items were carried out, the newest perforation technologies were represented — controlled perforation with initialization of the electronic head, completion of a well with time delay using the perforation system of consequential initialization, depression perforation, perforating operations using thermally-resistant jet charges — as well as demonstration how the hydraulic-mechanical release device functions. All technologies were developed and are successfully implemented by BVT specialists.

At the second day of the conference, practical application of technologies was demonstrated at the forum, they were represented from viewpoint of scientific evidence of processes, operation mode, of their basic advantages and application features.

The reports of specialists-developers of BVT CJSC “Electronic Detonation Head MPSI”, “Dynamic depression perforation technology”, “Hydraulic detonation head on absolute pressure”, “Mechanical detonation head with automatic release”, “Hydraulic-mechanical release device”, “perforation system of consequential initialization” caught the interest and attention of the conference audience.
Aside from developments in the field of perforating equipment, BVT presented the report about experience in application of coil tubing technologies by BVT-Vostok CJSC in geophysical exploration of horizontal wells which is of the most immediate interest and upcoming trend of the Russian oilfield services.

The Halliburton representative’s report “Perforating optimization to increase well efficiency using modeling investigations. Perforating equipment design for particular conditions for maximal well efficiency” caught the interest of the forum participants. The world-class company expert, one of Russian partners of which is BVT CJSC, presented engineering modeling methods for tailing-in processes, practices of the laboratory for perforation issues, computer tomography of concrete targets, technologies and processes which just begin to penetrate the Russian market of perforating equipment.

The representatives of companies developing downhole equipment made presentation on topic “Domestic extractable LWD VEKTOR with hydraulic communication channels and geophysical methods”, “Container technologies for well logging” reporting about significant breakthrough in domestic geophysics in the field of improving the use of technology for well surveying at different stages of their construction and operation.

Furthermore, the Technology Forum participants presented information about the results of industrial experiment works and industrial (field) application of multiunit SNAKE BVT perforation system. The utilization efficiency of the equipment in view of time-saving for downtime of wells was proved not merely with ratings but also with expert commentaries of the participants — representatives of geophysical enterprises and operators of oil-and-gas fields for delivery having good professional practice in use of the equipment as well as of the leading company specialists of non-CIS countries.

Obviously, the Forum, having been held in one of the most picturesque area of the Samara Region, didn’t avoid a rich cultural and sports program on the background of outstanding great spaces of the Volga.

Having proved its efficiency as to consolidation of scientific engineering potential of Russian and international oil and gas industry companies, the Technology Forum catches more interest of various enterprises and attracts more and more participants from all Russian regions, countries of the near and far abroad.

The BVT company management expresses sincere gratitude to all participants at the event for effective and interesting professional interaction and welcomes to Technology Forum 2017.

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