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BVT JSC took part in the expanded meeting of PJSC Rosneft

BVT Company took part in the expanded meeting of the Exploration and Production Block of Rosneft PJSC to sum up the results of its performance for 2018 and to set goals for 2019. The meeting was held from May 20 to May 22, 2019 in the city of Samara.

BVT JSC has been cooperating with Rosneft PJSC for more than 15 years, being a supplier of equipment and technologies, as well as a service company at the fields of subsidiary production companies of the RN, and has been recognized by Rosneft as the best contractor оf the perforating operations for the last several years.

As part of the extended meeting, a conference was held where BVT presented the report “Perforation technologies for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells Pump Down Plug @ Perf”. PJSC Rosneft pays special attention to innovation, identifying technological leadership as a key factor in competitiveness in the oil market, therefore, the latest perforation technologies for multiple hydraulic fracturing are in demand by the majority of the company's production assets. In this connection, the Plug @ Perf technology and its capabilities, which were consecrated in the report of BVT JSC, aroused great interest among the participants of the Meeting.

Also, at the exhibition, BVT presented equipment for conducting perforations on a dynamic depression, significantly increasing the productivity of wells, technological equipment for highly efficient perforation on the tubing and many others.

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