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Quality Management System

JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» is the leading company of engineering, designing, developing and manufacturing of perforating explosive equipment, used to open-up productive formations in oil and gas wells.

Our main priority is to produce highly-qualified goods that meet all the specifications and the Customer requirements, so we effectively apply the existing Quality Management System.

The directing board of JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» is responsible to meet all the Customer demands, as well as the requirements of Quality Management System that meet state and international specifications ISO 9001 (GOST ISO 9001) and API Q1, dealing with engineering and designing, development of shaped charges, initiating and detonation transmission devices, perforating systems, manufacturing of shaped charges, initiating and detonation transmission devices as well as production sales of the above mentioned products.

The Policy of the Company is the special field of responsibility of Core Executives of JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» that provides the basis for the development and analysis of the existing level of the set goals in the quality area in the following directions of the company: 

  • Release of products that meet all the regulatory requirements and the requirements of the Customer;
  • Usage of the most effective manufacturing processes and periodical estimation of their results;
  • Effective communication and negotiation with Suppliers and Customers;
  • Highly-motivated personnel system, based on moral and material bonuses to improve the effectiveness of their work;
  • Up-to date provision of all the necessary types of resources, strict regulation of their distribution and effective usage;
  • Excluding reasons of appearance and prevention of nonconformance;
  • Implementing of advanced Quality Management System, improving according to the basis of system analysis and estimation of its effectiveness.

To successfully realize these directions, Core Executives of  JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» develops and sets clear and realistic aims for their personnel in the sphere of quality. The main idea is to make each worker realize their responsibility for the quality of the products and accepted obligations as well as be eager to work effectively from the very beginning.

Core Executives of  JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» organizes periodic analysis of realization of this Quality Policy and estimation of the results of Quality Management System.

Executive managers of JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» take responsibilities of realizing conditions of Quality Policy, providing necessary resources to constant improvement of Quality Management System and meeting the requirements of Customers as well as legal and regulatory requirements

Such strategy lets JSC «BashVzryvTechnologii» be the leader in its field because of such Quality Policy.

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