PROFESSIONAL APPROACH - SUCCESSFUL SOLUTIONS!Development and production of perforating systems, shaped charges, accessories and equipment
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The main recourse and value of our company is our professional team, united with one goal – research and development of successful solutions for each special task, given by the client. Professionalism and responsible approach of workers to our business makes our products and services highly qualified.  

BVT business culture is based on mutual respect, assistance and effective teamwork of the colleagues while solving all the tasks. 

BVT executives appreciate each team member, provide financial and moral encouragement and supports creative success.  

BVT executives aims at constantly supporting maximum level of the professional team that can be effective in the situation of the constantly developing market.  

BVT executives is the team of professionals with high qualifications and enormous experience in different spheres of oil and gas industry. Experts in knowledge that are informed about the «inside system» of the professional field let them organize effective strategy of our company development, master perspective work directions and supply oil and gas market with high-demand products and services.

General success of any business is based on the professional level and uniqueness of people that work there. It’s just because of such kind of workers a company can become really successful in realization their projects.

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