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Corporate Responsibility

From the very beginning BVT company has been organized as a serious business dealing with our client’s interests at the full range as well as society, state and environment.

We understand our responsibilities in the following aspects:

Team Responsibility

We take care about welfare and social protection for the members of BVT team. We provide our personnel with the full employment benefits and guarantees, financial and moral encouragement, meeting all the requirements of industrial and fire safety during production.

Social and State Responsibility

BVT company exists under the laws and is a reliable partner of the state and an honest tax-payer. We create new vacancies and contribute into the development of the regional economy due to start-up and expansion of our own production. Besides, social responsibility of BVT company realizes through charity activities and sponsorship.  

Client Responsibility

Information about our activities is open to our clients and partners. We provide them with full and actual information about products and services of the company and work results, present only honest marketing and price policy and always follow the highest ethical standards. 

Environment Responsibility 

JSC BVT – is an ecologically responsible company. We aim at: 

  • Full ecological safety of our production facilities that meet all the environment protection requirements due to the usage of the most modern filtration elements (high technological industrial vacuum-cleaners, dust collectors and sludge traps, airlift machines);
  • explosive safety while transporting equipment using explosive materials by following all the shipping instructions, using special vehicles for EM shipping and delivery control;
  • environmental safety during PEO is realized by following the instructions during hazardous waste operations; transporting, disposal and deactivation of wastes by our partners. 


BVT company takes an active part in social life and solutions of social problems. One of the most important parts of our policy are charity projects and sponsored programs. Our company pays special attention to supporting Russian sport activities and people with reduced capabilities.

JSC BVT constantly provides charity support to sport club for disabled people «Alfa» (the city of Samara) during more than 5 years; supports rehabilitation center for disabled children «Nadezhda» in the city of Chapaevsk, as well as many football competitions that take part on the territory of Chapaevsk, national hockey championships for juniors and so on. On 25 of November 2013 our company invested into Samara Puppet Theatre «Lukomorye» to help in buying and setting fire-protection equipment. 





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Samara Puppet Theatre «Lukomorye», that has already worked for more than 12 years, has become a municipal organization and has been given its own building that needs major repairs. We pay your attention and invite to take part in sponsorship for MBIC of Samara «Theatre «Lukomorye».  

Address and Bank details of MBIC of Samara «Theatre «Lukomorye»:  

inside letter АА1, 160-162, Leninskaya/Rabochaya Str., Samara, 443041  
tel. 340-21-15 – director; 340-21-14- accounting office